31 Rollstone Avenue, West Sayville, NY 11796
Worship Service 10:30am


Sunday School (Sunday Seminary)

Sunday School (Sunday Seminary) classes for all ages, from Pre-K through adult, meets each Sunday at the church starting around 11:15 a.m. following the morning worship service and fellowship time.  It is important to grow in wisdom and maturity.  Sharpen your faith through discussion and interaction with other Christians.  These classes are led by qualified, biblically sound, pastors, elders, and members.

New disciples' courses are offered regularly as needed.

Those who desire additional training, reading materials, or other resources for education, discipleship, and training are welcome to speak with the pastor or elders of the church about arranging teaching opportunities of all kinds.  And we are happy to provide and guide persons interested in Christian reading and educational resources to fit specific interests.

TASC Program - Local Mission Outreach

WSRBC occasionally hosts the TASC program (Teens All Serving Christ).  Members of our church will host, work, and worship with other Christian youth from around the country to complete local service projects, acts of mercy, and christian kindness in our community.

TASC an extension of Reformed Mission Services, but coordinated and implemented by local churches.  Our whole body is working together to plan, pray, support, and welcome groups of volunteers to serve in our community.

Youth Group

Youth Group is comprised of high-school age students.

Together they enjoy singing, bible-study, good food, games, and all kinds of Christian service. 

Our group engages in multiple volunteer service projects throughout the year both locally within the congregation and nationally/internationally with the help of Reformed Mission Service ( 

The youth group also attends local and national Reformed Youth Services ( events which provides excellent teaching and also allows opportunities for travel and fellowship with other like-minded christian young people.  

Keep an eye on our bulletin board for new events and photos.  Friends are always welcome.

Men's Breakfast Bible Study

The Men's Breakfast bible study meets regularly at the Panera Bread on Sunrise Hwy in Bohemiah at 8:00 am on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month.  Pastor Drew is currently leading through the book of I Peter.

The group is open to all men who wish to understand the bible better, and to deepen their faith through prayer, Bible study, and discussion over a good breakfast.  Call the office for more information, and feel free to bring friends to this public bible study.

Inquirers/ Membership Classes

Jesus called all Christians to be fruitful members of his body, the church.  Each one of us must follow after him with eagerness to know Christ better each day.

Those seeking membership (or simply desiring to get a better idea of what Christianity is all about) are invited to take a course taught by either the Pastor or one of our Elders which introduces them to the basic teachings of the scripture, and what it means to live as a part of the body of Christ. 

This class is a great opportunity to ask hard questions and find biblical answers.  The discussion and interaction has been a great asset for new inquirers looking for frank and honest biblical discussion with experienced Christian teachers.

Please contact the pastor or elders if you are interested in learning more.

Fellowship Events

In addition to all of our worship, study, prayer, and singing together, Our members plan a regular pattern of activities and events to build fellowhship, community, and understanding together as a body.  We hike, swim, bowl, cook, kayak, play sports, fish, etc.  Watch the calendar, or ask somebody about our church fellowship life.

Council and Consistory Meetings

For the spiritual edification, guidance, correction, and encouragement of the church, the Holy Spirit directed that there should be Ministers, Elders, and Deacons for spiritual leadership in the midst of God's people.

Our congregation's Minister, Elders, and Deacons meet several times monthly in special Consistory, Council, and Deacons' meetings to carry on the work of shepherding God's flock in the many different aspects of congregational life.  It is their desire to see that all things are done for God's glory and the upbuilding of his body, the church.

These meetings are full of prayer that God would bless our witness and discipleship to fulfill his great commission!

Pre-Marriage Counseling

Our Pastor meets regularly with young couples seeking marriage to instruct them in the biblical principles which undergird healthy marriage relationships to prepare them for a shared journey towards the Kingdom of God.

Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous Groups

West Sayville Reformed Bible Church believes that God's power and mercy are able to change lives.

We have been a host church to AA and NA groups for over 35 years.


These groups currently meet here in the church on Monday Nights and Friday nights with regularity.


May God deliver us from every sinful entanglement and snare!

*AA is an independent organization not administrated or officially offiliated with the URCNA as a denomination.